About Us

Weird-O-Rama is a horror host show based in north central Indiana and featured on Michiana Access TV (Comcast channel 99) in South Bend, Indiana.

All of us at Weird-O-Rama will always strive to bring you the creepy, the strange, and the weird. We grew up as “monster kids” and hope to replicate the fun of staying up late to watch a monster movie or strange TV show, visiting a drive-in, and exploring the world of B-movies.

Victor often makes appearances and interviews fans at horror movie conventions around the Midwest and at other odd events like pro-wrestling shows, festivals, and anyplace else he thinks might involve something creepy.

Director, make-up artist, and location scout Nik Havert grew up watching Universal Studios monster and sci-fi films from the 1930’s – 1950’s.  His childhood horror hosts were the Shroud from channel 55’s Nightmare Theatre out of Fort Wayne, Indiana and Chicago’s Svengoolie.

Producers James Whelan and Martha Blue are movie and television buffs, respectively.  James does enjoy genre television, but will usually watch a movie over a TV show given the choice.  Martha prefers the short form of TV, but does enjoy horror comedies like Shaun of the Dead.

Writer Nicole Wolfe is a published erotica author and lover of odd films.  She and director Nik Havert are lifetime pals and often collaborate on projects.

Editor, camera operator, and audio engineer Lee Cushing dreamed of making movies from a young age and especially enjoys shooting action sequences.  Director Nik Havert met him at a local comic book convention and talked him into filming and editing Weird-O-Rama.

Chad Gay, our theme’s composer, is a friend of director Nik Havert’s from high school.  Chad is an excellent composer and percussionist and teaches high school music courses.  He also composes music for and trains drum corps groups.

Our opening credits are animated by Phil Longmeier, who is a friend of director Nik Havert.  They met at a Chicago comic book show and became instant pals due to their mutual love of adult comics, B-films, and women of all shapes.  He has been working with computer animation for many years and is a great artist.

Kris Gay is the official Weird-O-Rama photographer and wife of Chad.  She’s known Nik since their college years and is an outstanding photographer with a growing clientele.

Victor Von Psychotron is a film elitist from beyond the grave.